Friday 16 July 2010

Canadian Census - updates and why Harper hates it.

Montreal Simon: Why the Harper Cons REALLY Hate the Census
Basically, the less information there is about Canada and Canadians the more ignorant Canadians will be of themselves and Canada, and the more control Harper can have over us. Remember, Harper wants YOU to be APATHETIC. Because, voter apathy is what has kept him in power for so long.
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More Census News:
Globe & Mail: Tories refuse to reverse census decision

The Progressive Economics Forum: Did I say media storm over the census? Minister Clement, privacy and (un)balanced views

Accidental Deliberations: A Losing Battle

CTV News: Jewish, Evangelical groups oppose census change

Toronto Star: Axing census questions adds up to trouble for the Tories

Toronto Star: Siddiqui: PM facing revolt over census change

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