Friday 9 July 2010

ONDP Leader Andrea Horwath to join protesters July 10th demanding a public inquiry into G20 issues

Here is the email I received from Andrea Horwath:

Dear friend,

Two weeks after the G20 summit and Toronto looks like Toronto again. But though the protesters and world leaders have gone, critical questions remain. And they’re the kinds of questions that will only be fully answered by calling an independent public inquiry.

There’s no question that Dalton McGuinty would like the questions to go away. But the growing volume of stories coming from that weekend are causing more and more people to question what happened: The mother left to worry after her two children were swept up in the mass arrests despite having no part in the protests; the 57-year-old man whose prosthetic leg was forcibly removed and confiscated by police; the individual arrested for allegedly breaking a newly-passed law that the public was never told even existed. Stories like these have shaken public trust. We need some real answers.

We’ve been pushing hard for an independent public inquiry into the G20 - but Dalton McGuinty’s not making it easy. We need your help.

The efforts made so far are making a difference. This morning Ontario’s Ombudsman (the same one Ontario Liberals tried to fire) announced that he would be investigating Premier McGuinty’s secret law that made it illegal to stand on a sidewalk in downtown Toronto during the G20. The Ombudsman understands that people in Toronto deserve the facts. But the Ombudsman’s investigation will be limited in scope. People deserve the full story and for that we need a full public inquiry.

Tomorrow, I’ll be joining concerned citizens demanding an inquiry at Queen’s Park in Toronto.

Please join me at the South Lawn by the War Memorial at 12:45 pm tomorrow, July 10. You can find directions here

We’ll need help circulating our petition calling for an inquiry - so if you can make it early please do so.

If you’re interested in more details, or you can’t make it but would like to help, you can contact us at

I hope to see you there,

Andrea Horwath
Leader, Ontario’s New Democrats

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