Friday, 16 July 2010

G20 Toronto - Tories blocking public inquiry and other news

The Vanity Press: Same Verse, Same as the First Verse
Well, one thing at least seems to be functioning as normal around these parts: something's gone seriously wrong, and the federal government doesn't want anyone to find out what it was.

Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are filibustering to block opposition efforts to launch hearings on policing at the Toronto G20 summit, accusing political rivals of seeking a platform to build sympathy for “thugs and hooligans” who rioted there.
It's not only them, of course: from Dalton McGuinty's blitherings about a "silent majority" to David Miller's obfuscation and excuses, all of the officials are doing everything they can to stop people talking about the largest mass arrest in Canadian history, one that seems to have resulted in few or no arrests of the actual Black Bloc vandals.
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G20 Canada's Most Wanted - Call John Walsh!!

CathiefromCanada: Great Line of the Day

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