Wednesday, 14 July 2010

G20 Toronto - Summary Report: Police State Canada (Video)

Police State Canada | Global Research TV
Here is an excellent video summary report of the G20 weekend police state.
In this report, you will see:
  • police shielding some black block individuals and letting them through their lines
  • a report that the police cars left as "bait" were left with the gas caps removed!
  • police standing and watching as police cars burn, while they have every opportunity to get them extinguished
  • police standing by watching the vandalism without intervening
  • unwarranted police brutality and arrests
  • police charging on horseback and trampling a girl
  • report of threats of gang rape by police of a woman in detention
  • report of a woman strip-searched and cavity searched by male police officers

Correction: during the video it states that the opposition leaders are not calling for a public inquiry. In actual fact they did and are now working towards an inquiry while the Conservatives do everything in their power to block an inquiry.

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