Tuesday, 13 July 2010

G20 Toronto - Bill Blair: Clueless

So they said…
"Ask Toronto's police chief and he'll tell you it was 'terrorists' who
ripped his city apart during June's G20."

Okay, I already think Bill Blair should resign for lying to the public and to his officers in regards to the G20 security. But for him to think that a bunch of young people smashing some windows and lighting "bait" police cars on fire are terrorists - that's just too much. Does he live in a cave? Obviously he has not read or heard about terrorists to think that the vandals of the G20 weekend were terrorists. I don't feel very safe with someone so ignorant running the Toronto police force. Resign now please!

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Pooka said...

Better yet, start writing to those running in this election saying you want to see a cut in the BILLION dollar Toronto police budget unless there is a FULL INDEPENDENT INQUIRY that demonstrates we received "value for money".

If the police don't do anything but harass and arrest peaceful protesters, we really don't need the them .. or their expense.