Saturday, 10 July 2010

David Johnston, the new GG - mastermind of "Airbust";

THE WOODSTOCK ONTARIO INDEPENDENT NEWS: Thanks to Dr. Johnston, Airbus became Airbust
What needed to be said, directly and clearly - read the link!

Due to this guy (David Johnston - an old buddy of Brian Mulroney), Brian Mulroney got off the hook for the crime committed regarding the Airbus Affair - AND Mulroney got to keep the couple of million dollars he scammed from the Canadian government. And Johnston's terms of reference for the Oliphant inquiry resulted in the Airbus scandal not looking so bad for the Conservatives. So now, Harper rewards David Johnston with the Governor General role.
Yes, this is cronyism at the heart of the Canadian political system. Together, Harper and Johnston will be able to think up more ingenious ways of thwarting democracy in Canada and allowing Harper to continue in his reign of contempt for Canada, Canadian values and democracy.

Curiosity Cat: Harper and the Governor General: Right Process, Wrong Choice

Background from Wikipedia:
On November 14, 2007, Johnston was appointed by Governor General Michaƫlle Jean, on the advice of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, as an independent adviser and charged with drafting for the Cabinet the terms of reference for the public inquiry, known as the Oliphant Commission, into the Airbus affair.[12] This appointment itself, however, was criticized by the independent citizens' group Democracy Watch as a conflict of interest, given that Johnston had once reported directly to Mulroney during the latter's time as prime minister.[14] Johnston completed his report on January 11, 2008, listing seventeen questions of interest for further investigation.[15] He did not, however, include as a subject the awarding of the Airbus contract, on the basis that this aspect had already been investigated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, prompting criticism from opposition Members of Parliament and accusations that Johnston had acted as the Prime Minister's man.[16] This intensified after it was later revealed that Mulroney had accepted $300,000 in cash from Karlheinz Schreiber, but Oliphant could not examine any possible link between that payment and Airbus due to the narrow scope of the commission's mandate.[17]

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