Friday, 9 July 2010

I'd refuse to shake Harper's hand too!

N.L. teen refuses to shake PM's hand | Canada | News | Toronto Sun

When Jeremy Dyer was selected to represent his province because of
his human rights art, he had no idea he'd find himself in line to shake
Prime Minister Stephen Harper's hand.

The notion was an affront to Dyer, an activist who vehemently
disagrees with many of Harper's policies.

Harper is such a hypocrite to be involved with a ceremony at the Museum of Human Rights. He has a total disregard for human rights. Now, if there was a ceremony at a Museum of Torture, Lies and Contempt ...

Jeremy Dyer comments on Montreal Simon's blog about Omar Khadr


Michelle said...

I love this young man!! Here's why I wouldn't shake his hand either...
Our leader has proven this....

I'm building more prisons to put Canadians in
Though crime rates are down, I’ll make them go in.

I'm cutting the funding to woman in need
It’s not as important as the oil and the greed.

I am supreme ruler and your rights must be stripped
and no CON may speak without having a script.

The scientists and media must be gagged for my sake
And I'll poison the lakes and make one that is fake.

The climate summit did cause me to think
that scientists are wrong and the tar sands don't stink.

To avoid controversy, I will simply prorogue
and this type of governing will be the new vogue.

The Toronto G20 saw violence and rages
while Canadians were put in their new shiny cages.

I really could care less about the old Parliament
I’ll build my prisons with U.S. cement.

I'm building more prisons to put Canadians in
I'll scare them to death and accuse them of sin!

Written by Michelle J. Mainwaring

Thor said...

Excellent poem Michelle. This will come in handy at election time.

Michelle said...

Thank you kindly Thor, I appreciate that.