Saturday 3 July 2010

Who was really pulling the police strings at the G20 protest?

The Louis Riel Trail: Iron Heel Harper and the G20 Protests
If you look at Canadian history, you'll find that Regina Riot was
carried out in large part due to the orders of Prime Minister Richard
Bedford Bennett (earning him the nickname "Iron Heel Bennett"), and in
somewhat more recent times the FLQ crisis was handled in large part
through Pierre Trudeau's implementation of the War Measures act. Both
of these Prime Ministers saw big threats to the Canadian way of life,
and exercised a significant degree of control over police actions during
those major security events.

Today the interference of the PMO
or other politicians in law enforcement is generally considered an abuse
of political power and something the police should reject
: "The RCMP must instil (sic)
in its officers, by whatever educational or other means available, that
they are to brook no intrusion or interference from government officials
with respect to the provision of security services" (the APEC
commission final report

I just have a sense that the
problems that occurred during the G20 protests go beyond local
bureaucrats in Toronto.

Look at some of the things Stockwell Day has been
saying to the media, if you don't believe that national politicians
could be responsible
for what happened in downtown Toronto.

guys like Harper, or Day were involved in managing security forces
during the G20 protests the voters need to be made aware, and
prosecutors need access to that information.

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Fillibluster said...

I agree, this was not run by Blair. Miller had no say. Even McGuinty was only following orders.

We do need to know who these orders originated from. Was it the RCMP? CSIS? Harper? The CIA?