Monday, 18 October 2010

Eye Weekly's This is what Rob Ford's Toronto would look like

Rob Ford's Toronto - EYE WEEKLY
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The city would not be clearing snow and ice from sidewalks, so seniors and the disabled will be on their own. (Ford introduced an unsuccessful motion to cancel snow clearing.)

We’ll either be building affordable rental homes with city tax money or building them with love. (Ford introduced an unsuccessful motion to refuse $43 million in federal/provincial funding.)

Remember the garbage strike? Yeah, that wouldn’t be resolved. (Ford voted against approving the strike-ending contract.)

Streets to Homes would have to get by on less money because, you know, homeless people don’t need that much help. (Ford voted for reducing their budget by 5 per cent.)

Vote with your brain, not your ass - vote for Joe Pantalone.

Toronto ACORN - Mayoral Candidates' Report Card 2010
Toronto ACORN is a grassroots, non-profit, member organization that builds leadership and community organizations in low to moderate income neighbourhoods across the city. We believe that the poverty, discrimination, and community deterioration that exists in low-income communities is largely a result of a lack of civic engagement and community
Summary of Ford's Report card:
Food Security: 0/4 - Ford did not have a food security platform.
Housing: 1/4 - Although Ford supports rent subsidies for low-income residents, he does not support building new affordable housing, inclusive zoning, landlord licensing or improved apartment inspections.
Jobs: 0/4 - Ford's platform did not include issues dealing with jobs.
Children and Youth: 0/4 - Ford's platform did not include issues dealing with children and youth.
Transit: 1/4 - Ford supports more costly subway expansion over more economical and more far-reaching light-rail expansion, and streetcars.
Total: 2/20 or 10%
(Note: Joe Pantalone scored highest with 18/20 or 90%)
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fern hill said...

When the first terrifying poll came out, I was for going the 'anybody but Ford' route. I've changed my mind. I could no more vote for Smitherman than Ford. I'm voting for Joe. If we get Ford, it'll be hugely embarrassing, but in a perverse way -- fun.

Unknown said...

If Ford wins we'll be the laughing stock of North America! Ford has experienced limited success in some sectors, yes, but as you outline here and is clearly shown here--> he has many faults and his short-sighted solutions will burn us in the end!