Wednesday 6 October 2010

Toronto Mayoral Race: Miller endorses Pantalone

This morning Mayor David Miller proudly proclaimed his support for Joe Pantalone as the next mayor of Toronto. Miller told an excited audience in Scarborough that "people want this city to evolve. Joe Pantalone is the only candidate prepared to face our challenges and address our need for public transit and community services. He's the one who's going to help people build a 21st century city for themselves and their families."

Yesterday PricewaterhouseCoopers declared that Toronto is now the most livable major city in the world. Toronto is today known as the greenest city in North America.

The progressive Miller-Pantalone administration has seen remarkable achievements. Major new projects are underway: work has finally begun on the Waterfront and the West Donlands, Regent Park is in the process of being rebuilt, BMO Field has opened and proved a great success, and a subway is finally going to reach York University. Still to come is Transit City, a European style network of light rail lines that will revolutionize transportation in our city.

Miller noted that in sharp contrast to the "candidates who want to tear this city down" Joe has spent a career working with people from "every political belief and every neighbourhood" to build consensus and improve our city. Joe is the only candidate that has the vision and skills to build the Toronto we want.

Miller endorses Pantalone in race for mayor, Mihevc endorses Smitherman - 680News
"I've watched this mayoral race with incredible frustration and distress
because what I've seen is candidates who want to tear this city down,
and that's not what we need in Toronto," Miller told reporters.

said Pantalone is the only candidate who stands apart from the others,
who he said are campaigning on the same platform -- negative campaigns
that suggest Toronto is broken and needs to be fixed.

Miller said
Pantalone is the only city-builder among the candidates and the only
one who can lead the city in the right direction.

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