Friday, 15 October 2010

Mr. Freeze Fibs - Smitherman pushes for a meaner city

NOW Magazine // Vote TO // Mr. Freeze fibs
Written by Gord Perks, Councillor for Ward 14


George Smitherman says that a vote for Joe Pantalone is a vote for Rob Ford.

leave aside that this is self-serving and ignore how disappointing
Smitherman’s campaign is if he has to rely on not being Rob Ford to get
your vote. 

While Smitherman and a legion of pundits want the
strategic voting argument to be the most important factor in this
campaign, the fact is, it isn’t.

Here’s the truth: a vote for Ford
is a vote for an attack on public services; a vote for Smitherman is
also a vote for an attack on public services; a vote for Pantalone is
the only vote for sustained and improved public services.

The two
most telling election promises Smitherman has made are to freeze taxes
next year and to shed public service jobs by only hiring two new people
for every three who retire.

We all know Ford’s “gravy train”
doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. There simply aren’t enough pennies to
be pinched to support his sweeping tax cuts. 

What gets less
attention is the sleight of hand Smitherman uses to “balance” his budget
plan. His tax freeze principally rests on blowing surpluses generated
by Mayor David Miller
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Here's what happened when Rob Ford was mentioned at a Thanksgiving day dinner in Toronto. You can also vote on whether Rob Ford ruined your Turkey dinner. So far 70 % of the voters say their dinner was ruined by Rob Ford: