Friday, 8 October 2010

Toronto Municipal Election: MSM and candidates continue to lie about Toronto finances

Toronto's not broke, group argues -

Contrary to what voters are hearing from Toronto's leading mayoral
hopefuls, city spending, taxes and finances are not out of control, says
a citizen’s group concerned about the negative tone of the campaign.

Torontonians pay the lowest property taxes in the GTA. They pay
less than 4 per cent of their income in property tax and receive $3,500
per person in city services such as roads, transit, emergency help and
more, according to economist Jim Stanford, who crunched the numbers
using city finance dept data for the group One Toronto

“We want to get this debate back onto a positive tone,” said Peggy
Nash of the CAW and a board member on Invest Toronto. “Toronto is our
home and you don't trash talk your home.”

The group also pointed out that far from being broke, the city had a
$355 million operating surplus last year and a AA1 credit rating.

Just this week Price Waterhouse Coopers named Toronto the most
liveable city in the world. KPMG says the city has the 5th most
competitive taxes in the world.

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