Thursday, 21 October 2010

Pantalone was the only mayoral candidate to show up to the Get Active Toronto debate

Ford, Smitherman no-shows -

Rob Ford and George Smitherman abruptly pulled out of Wednesday’s
debate sponsored by Get Active Toronto, a coalition encouraging people
to get healthy through exercise.

Despite the last-minute cancellations, the event continued with
mayoral candidate Joe Pantalone, who spoke to about 200 people at the
downtown YMCA beside two empty chairs.

“I would say it’s disrespectful and disappointing,” said organizer
Catriona Delaney. “We wanted to know where Mr. Ford and Mr. Smitherman
stood on the subject of the importance of physical activity and the
health of Torontonians. Their actions spoke louder than their words.”

Do you want to elect people to council who won't show up? Of course not. Time to vote for a serious candidate - vote for Joe Pantalone for mayor!

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