Friday, 1 October 2010

Toronto Mayoral Race: Pantalone: Ford "never does his homework"

Axing transfer tax could cost taxpayers $12M | Toronto Votes 2010 | News | Toronto Sun
Rob Ford's plan to abolish the land transfer tax will not only mean that services will have to be cut (as a result of the lost revenue for the city), but that taxpayers would be on the hook for a $12 million penalty as well.

Joe Pantalone:
there’s no excuse for the Etobicoke councillor
not to have known, or told voters, about the cost of his promise.

“Everybody there (at the debate) came to the conclusion, based on their
faces, that Coun. Ford was not aware of this contract,” Pantalone said.

“Everybody at City Hall, including conservative members of council, are
aware that Coun. Ford talks a good line but he never does his homework."
Cutting the tax would not only mean “huge service cuts” from the foregone
revenue, Pantalone said, but an added penalty on top of that.

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