Friday 29 October 2010

Toronto Election Results Maps 2010

Here are two maps showing geographic divisions (by ward) of mayoral candidate support and how the elected councillors will relate to the new mayor (or not).

Map a) How people voted for mayor by ward: mostly Ford, mostly Smitherman, or evenly divided

Map b) How the councillors will most likely vote in relation to the mayor: Which elected councillors are regressive (pro-Ford), progressive (anti-Ford), or in the middle.

Map b shows a probable voting pattern on regressive policies. The In The Middle group of councillors could go either way in the voting on regressive or progressive policies.

Map a)

Map b)


Anonymous said...

why is for regressive?

Thor said...

I assume you meant "Ford".
Think about it. He wants to cancel and claw back things - funding and service wise - things that we use and that make the city work and make this city great. Undoing such things is Regressive.