Monday, 4 October 2010

Toronto Mayoral Race: Joe Pantalone radio ads

From the Joe Pantalone campaign team:

Rob Ford and George Smitherman have spent months promoting a dark vision of Toronto. Today Joe Pantalone has gone on the offence, standing up for the Toronto we believe in.

The ads denounce Smitherman and Ford's plans to cut thousands of staff from valuable community services, and they condemn Ford's record at City Council, where he has cast cavalier votes against everything from public libraries to rape crisis centres.

Starting tomorrow Newstalk 1010, 680 News, Jazz FM, and CP24 1050 will start running hundreds of airings of Joe's new spots:

The news may be focusing on two loud, blustery candidates, but we know that there is only one person running who has the vision and experience to be mayor of Toronto. We can't let Joe's positive, city building vision go unheard.

Each time we run one of these ads, it will be heard by tens of thousands of voters. But each airing costs about $100. If we are going to run more of them, Joe needs all of our help. Please donate now to buy us more ads, and to challenge those who'd take a chainsaw to the city we care for.

The city has a very generous rebate program, that will refund up to 75% of your donations. A donation of $500 will buy a set of five ads, reaching tens of thousands of undecided voters, and will only cost you $175!

Thanks for your support!

Joe Pantalone campaign

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