Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Canada backs U.S. opposition to UN-led flotilla inquiry

Why am I not surprised? - Peace, order and good government, eh?
from the Globe & Mail:

Canada is backing the U.S. position that Israel can lead
the investigation into the bloody raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla.

The United Nations Security Council issued a statement, watered down
by U.S. objections, that calls for a credible, impartial investigation
into the incident. But the Obama administration said later the
investigation should be led by Israel.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper dodged questions in the Commons on
whether he supports the Security Council resolution, but a senior
government official said in diplomatic circles, Canada is backing the
idea Israel should lead the investigation

Okay, for all those who think that having the Israeli's, the ones who carried out a planned night-time commando raid on a humanitarian aid flotilla - a raid that had been planned by the Benjamin Netanyahu (Prime Minister of Israel) and his cabinet for a week - is a better idea than having an independent UN investigation, here is a scenario for you:
If that is a good idea, how about letting the Iranian government carry out their own investigation as to whether they are creating nuclear weapons or just facilities to supply nuclear energy? The scale is much different, but the reliability of the investigative results would be the same.
Of course if only the Israeli's investigate their raid (or if they are controlling the investigation) then they will say they did no wrong.
Get with reality Harper! You too Obama!

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