Saturday 26 June 2010

Fascist McGuinty abuses power

Dalton McGuinty, Bill Blair defend quiet boost in arrest powers -
Regardless of what McGuinty or Bill Blair (who requested the special law of arrest) say, the law WAS passed secretly without anyone else knowing about it until a couple of days ago, without any debate in the legislature. It gives guards the power to arrest people who get near the perimeter fence.

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Michelle said...

Who cares about this police powers issue when McGuinty is about to rape Ontario HST.

If your electricity bill in Ontario is $100 per month that will translate into $96 more a year for Dalton McGuinty. Lets not for get an average per year more of $144 for Natural Gas and $48 for internet services. If you own a car and spend just $30 a week is gas, it will now cost you another $125 a year.

Just by those averages that's $413 more a year, and let not forget gyms, hiar salons, renovation contractors, vet bills, and many more. It will likely result in the average Ontario taxpayer paying out more than a $1000 each year above current sales taxes. So much for Dalton McGuinty's first year $990 bribe.

Everyone needs to ignore distractions like this police powers issue and focus on the real injustice Dalton McGuinty is doing to the citizens of Ontario.