Tuesday 29 June 2010

G20 Toronto - More Evidence of Police Brutality and Illegal Detention Comes Out

Toronto Star: ‘I will not forget what they have done to me’ - thestar.com
Individual stories of brutal arrests, inhumane detentions and theft and/or damage of personal property.

Open letter alleges police brutality at G20 demo
As the group of cyclists was passing by 148 Cumberland Street, one of
the cyclists was singled out by the police. He was descended upon by
several bicycle police officers. He was forced or somehow removed from
his bicycle. He was then held by his arms by two officers, one on each
side as a third officer then punched him in the face. The cyclist was
then pushed to the ground, where he was held face down. Several officers
(the witnesses were not sure how many, but thought it was 4-6) then
repeatedly punched the cyclist in the legs. When the cyclist was stood
up, he was punched in the genitals by one of the officers. He was then
quickly removed to inside the parking garage at 148 Cumberland Street
where he was kept out of sight until shortly before his removal.

CCLA Monitors Arrested
CCLA is concerned about the conditions of detention: people are being
denied access to lawyers, they are unable to contact their families and
we have heard that there are no plans for prompt release. The police
does not appear to make serious attempts to provide access to lawyers or
information. This is a serious violation of basic rights of hundreds
of people.

Backofthebook.ca: Canada's Online Magazine - Widespread police misbehaviour, illegal activity at G20
While mainstream news coverage of the G20 was dominated on Saturday by
footage of burning police cars and vandals smashing windows, video of
police misbehaviour, breaches of law, and plain old abuse emerged
overnight on the internet. I’ve gathered some of it below.
[see link above]

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SilentFrank said...

Absolutely ridiculous police action. Are people going out again tonight? We should be on them until there is a formal public inquiry.