Saturday 19 June 2010

McGuinty Liberals plan to sell off crown corporations

Ontario asset sale could raise up to $12 billion -
This is so very wrong in so many ways. And the Toronto Star doesn't even mention anything about how wrong this would be. It would lead to soaring costs for the public, less control, and poor service and quality. It is very short-sighted. They just want to raise some money for some election promises for over the next few years. Okay, but what happens later? Governments need to think of the long-term. All of these - liquor, lottery and electricity corporations  - make a lot of money that goes into the public coffers every year. What happens when this money is significantly reduced due to owning less of them? Yes, then there is much less money coming in for the government on a regular basis. Where will the replacement money come from - reduced services, higher taxes?


Angel said...

The reprocusions of this would be terrible. Everyone concerned should contact thier M.P.P. to let thier opinions be known. There has to be some kind of public process before this happens, but we in "Victoria County" know what a joke a referendum is to the Province. What other options do we have? Appeal to the Govenor General?

Thor said...

Contact your MPP. Don't vote for parties that support this move and similar moves (which would mean the Liberals and Conservatives) in the next election.