Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Cops at every bank in Toronto

Accidental Deliberations: One man's terrorist
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In Toronto, last week and this week, every time I've gone to a bank or bank machine, there has been a guard there. Not the usual security guards, but a bullet-proof-vest wearing extra guard standing around the front of the bank or bank machine. At every singe bank or bank machine location! I would say this is overkill in terms of security for the G8/G20 that isn't even here yet. This explains part of the $1.1 billion security bill.

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The Seer said...

This is a partial answer to my question of where the billion dollars goes. Putting a flak-encrusted rent-a-cop at every door or bank machine in Toronto is going to be expensive, and administratively difficult. Why not pass part of that billion on to the banks who, having added their customary service charges, finance charges, origination fees and late fees, can hire some schlep at a third the cost of a cop. Everyone wins.