Sunday, 27 June 2010

G20 Toronto Protests - Sunday June 27 - morning reports

G20: Police arrest at least 70 at University of Toronto | Posted Toronto | National Post
70 people, sleeping in dorms at U of T were woken and arrested.

Protesters march from Jimmie Simpson Park to the Eastern Ave detention centre
Police deploy a smoke bomb in the crowd of protesters at Queen and Pape.

Police charge protesters at detention centre

12:35 p.m. Panic, arrests at jail rally, riot police arrive

 Hundreds of riot police have shown up in two buses and at least 10
vans on Logan Ave. south of Queen. It seems they're all heading to
outside of detention centre.

 At least two people have arrested as a rally at the Eastern Ave.
jail turned violent after police snatched people out of the crowd,
causing panic.

 Police later forced the crowd north to Queen with batons and fired
at least three shots from concussion guns.

Just after noon, unmarked vans showed up at the protest; police with
batons and shields started to storm the group, hitting and pushing
people, apparently trying to grab people.

“The protesters dispersed on Pape and agreed to meet at Queen and
Pape to regroup,” reports the Star’s Brendan Kennedy. “People
are taking stock of what just happened.”

 The protesters have just moved to Queen, but they are scattered as
they walk away. Emergency Task Force officers, with gas masks and stun
guns, are along Eastern and Queen telling people to move onto the

Later, at 12:48am
The protest was broken up by police using batons and rubber bullets.
Tasers were drawn, but not used. Some people were arrested. No tear gas

American protester tries to gain Obama's attention with his sign

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