Saturday, 26 June 2010

"The Harper Plan for a Global Depression" - all part of his Plan

James Laxer: The Harper Plan for a Global Depression
This is all part of Harper's plan to put Canada in such debt that he can then justify slashing funding for the core social programs that make Canada Canada. Never forget that Harper HATES Canada.

Harper and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty have never had a clue about the
economy. Two weeks after the October 2008 federal election, while
financial institutions and markets around the world were crashing,
Flaherty assured a business audience that Canada would not need to run a
government deficit at all. A couple of months later, the intrepid
minister of finance unveiled a budget that announced that Ottawa would
have the highest deficit in history.

Now the Harper government is
back to putting ideology ahead of economic thinking. The Conservatives
plan to continue lowering tax rates for corporations and the wealthy
and they are determined to slash government spending, except for
military outlays. Bash public servants, hold down their incomes, and cut
social spending---that’s the recipe. If adopted by a large part of the
world, it’s a recipe for depression.

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