Thursday, 3 June 2010

Protesting G8/G20 - part one

An Invitation: From Copenhagen to Toronto | Toronto Community Mobilization Network
The Group of 8 Leaders and the Group of 20 Leaders are meeting in
Ontario, from the 25th to the 27th of June, 2010.

Following the collapse of the Copenhagen Climate Summit, they will
be discussing the global economy, development and climate change.

These gatherings are about trying to fix capitalism, a system that
cannot be fixed; about creating unsustainable trading solutions to
ecological catastrophe; about ensuring the continued exploitation of
people of colour and the South and about celebrating war as a means to
create puppet allies and maintain imperialist power. The so-called
leaders at these gatherings do not represent us. ...

NO to sound cannons at G20 Summit in Toronto & other notes
1. Common sense out of the RCMP on this one: "Mounties
shun ‘sound cannons’ in urban settings ahead of G20."
A few points
here...the RCMP reviewed the use of the "Long Range Acoustic Devices"
and decided they weren't for crowd-control. The Vancouver Police also
committed for the Olympics not
to use the alert function on these cannons. Further, the Globe report
contains another warning from a doctor at Sick Kids about the prospect
of hearing damage. As this writer put it, "...there
but for a cool-headed officer at the controls, the entire grassroots of
our city could be chancing hearing loss.
" I think we can fairly
offer up a resounding NO to the use of these devices at the G20 and
beyond. The risk is too great for citizens to bear.

They Don't Value Democracy
Protesters in the streets are essential in a democracy. If there is
civil unrest, the media needs to see it, otherwise it’s assumed all is
well. The more than $1,100,000,000.00 the Conservatives are spending of
our tax money to HIDE and suppress protest at the G20 meetings, is an
attack on democracy in this country. Its not
Harper’s first attack
on our democracy and freedoms, and it’s
probably not the last.

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