Monday, 28 June 2010

G20 Toronto Protests - Government in Denial About the Police Brutality and Illegal Arrests Over The Weekend, and Protest right now against Police Brutality @ Nathan Phillips Square

David Miller and our need to know

Torontonians woke up this morning wanting answers. Most of the protests this weekend were peaceful. Most of the
protesters this weekend were peaceful. And yet. Mass arrests. Detainees denied water for hours and kept in cuffs for
more than a day. Assaulted journalists. Toronto's first ever use of tear

In a stunning moment of denial, a stunning moment of incomprehension,
or a stunning failure of courage, David Miller betrayed Toronto today
by failing to call for an independent inquiry into security and police
procedures during the G20.

Calling for a inquiry is not a confession of wrongdoing but an
admission that there is are pressing matters—matters whose significance
extends beyond specific individuals involved and to the broader
community—which demand concerted, coherent, independent, and public
investigation and analysis.

Mayor Miller: "I thought the Toronto Police Service acted with admirable
professionalism in dealing with those violent protesters," Miller said
this morning. And they did. That says nothing about how police (perhaps
of several services) dealt with entirely non-violent protesters. From
all appearances police exercised far less restraint Sunday than they did
Saturday, which is striking because the violent protest was on
Saturday, not Sunday. Police actions on Sunday appear, from the outside,
to have been pre-emptive and motivated by fear rather than any imminent
Dalton McGuinty is
refusing to answer questions
about the expanded powers police were
granted for the summit. That's why we need an inquiry, which will help
us all better understand what happened, and will help both politicians
and police authorities understand what changes may need to be made in
security procedures for the future.

is calling for one. Street medics
who provided care this weekend are calling for one. So is the Toronto

Torontonians woke up this morning wanting answers. Torontonians
deserve answers, and we deserve a mayor who will fight to get them.

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Protest against Police Brutality

And, the police brutality and disregard for the law (illegal arrests and inhumane treatment) and civil rights over the weekend has given rise to a new protest today outside the Toronto police headquarters at 40 College St. What began at about 5:30 as a few hundred, has grown to about 1,000+ people by 6:30pm

The protesters marched from the police station on College, down University, along Queen to Nathan Phillips Square.

From Toronto Media Coop:

At Nathan Phillips square #g20report Monday June 28 2010 7:54pm

A person just got snatched behind me the entire rally just stopped and
demanded his release #G20report (he got released) Monday June 28 2010 7:47pm

CBC showed up with their own security. #wtf? #g20 #g20report Monday June 28 2010 7:46pm - A quick
video clip of the crowd protesting police brutality #g20 #g20report #fb Monday June 28 2010 7:34pm

Toronto Star: Hundreds Rally Outside Police Headquarters

Activists Naomi Klein and Judy Rebick are expected to speak at the rally

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