Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Ford to slash services if elected as Mayor

Scrap streetcars for subways: Ford unveils his transit plan -
Ford's plan for the TTC would cost way more than the current Transit City plan, and way more than he estimates as subway expansion usually costs more than initially planned. Ford is also planning on cutting taxes and other income for the city. As a result, he will have drastically slash services elsewhere to come up with the money for his TTC expansion ideas.
Like Smitherman, Ford's plans lack financial reality.

And, from Torontoist:
... this is an astonishing bit of fiction which demonstrates little grasp of transit policy, government relations, or basic arithmetic. Released in conjunction with a bizarrely halting video, Ford's key message seems to be: "I am going to take the nice $3.7 billion the province promised us for Transit City and instead use that money to build ten kilometres of subway." Because, you know, the government of Ontario is totally happy to let Rob Ford reallocate its cash that way.
and comment on this from BBowen:
But my favourite part of this plan - and the image that sums up Ford's entire mayoral campaign for me - is the proposed bike trail cutting across the runway of the island airport.

... Wow.

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