Thursday, 16 September 2010

Toronto Mayoral Race: Joe Pantalone on Transit City

Pantalone on Metrolinx CEO’s Comments: We Cannot Put Transit in Reverse; and We Cannot Run Diesel Through Backyards «
Joe Pantalone is the only mayoral candidate who supports Transit City. This is a plan which is currently moving ahead, approved by the city and the province, and budgeted for. The Transit City plan will provide new transit lines to many areas of Toronto - far more and better service than proposed by the other mayoral candidates. There is a map of the Transit City plan here.

Excerpts from the link at the top of this post:
“My opponents are using the election to pretend long negotiations
never happened, and sell a beautiful mirage of cheap subways. I could
promise the people of Scarborough flying cars, but instead I promise
continued commitment to the plan which will bring them actual change,
soon and in a fiscally responsible way.

We have a plan for transit expansion. It is approved by the City and
Province. It reaches all corners of Toronto. And it is a fifth of the
cost of subways. It is called Transit City.


“The rail link between Union Station and the airport must be
electrified,” he said. “We cannot run diesel trains through people’s
backyards in the 21st Century. And the line must have local stops and
walkable street crossings.

Metrolinx’s job building regional transit is crucial. But it is also crucial to remember that regions are made of communities.”

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