Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The Legacy of Toronto Mayor David Miller

LORINC: Frankly, Miller has done good « Spacing Toronto
John Lorinc details 4 major civic issues and how David Miller made significant improvements for Toronto in these areas.


With Toronto’s sports franchises giving us little to talk about, it
appears that our newest preoccupation is laying waste to every aspect of
David Miller’s record as mayor. If the city seemed to project its hopes
on him in 2003, Torontonians today appear intent on tarring Miller with
all their frustrations, real and imagined.

Indeed, listening to the bellicose rhetoric of those seeking to
replace him, an uninformed observer might conclude it’s been seven
squandered years in Leftigrad. The faster we can undo the damage Miller
has wrought, most of the mayoral candidates imply, the better.

But there are several major civic issues the candidates aren’t
talking about. Here’s the reason: those rhetorical omissions, all quite
deliberate, silently tell a tale of (mostly unacknowledged) political

Let’s look at four of the largest problems the city faced back in
2003: garbage, policing, corruption, and infrastructure. In all cases,
Miller’s record has been strong enough to quiet potential successors (at
least, so far).


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