Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Support the Troops, kick out the Conservatives

WesternGrit: Harper to Veterans: Scr@w You...
And now, the Harper government has announced they’re
cutting the department of Veterans’ Affairs and firing the Veterans’
Ombudsman, Colonel Pat Stogran.

Talk about absurd!

Harper is quick to wrap himself in the flag and claim to be a big
supporter of the military. But he fails to put his money where his
mouth is.

governments make decisions to send the brave women and men of the
Canadian Forces into harm’s way, they must also shoulder the solemn
obligation of ensuring those soldiers are properly taken care of when,
God willing, they get back home.

Stogran exposed the grim reality that this is not happening. Indeed,
he described the federal government’s treatment of many veterans as
“deliberately obstructive and deceptive”.



HippyTreeMan said...

"God willing"? What kind of progressive are you?Read "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins.Maybe you should be a Christian Blogger!

Thor said...

Hey, HippyTreeMan.
If you actually READ what I posted you would see that it is an EXCERPT and not my words. Sure the guy said "god willing". Should I have blanked that part out of the middle of the quote?

thwap said...

Do they have to make the hypocrisy of their love for the troops so obvious??

It's crazy, ain't it?