Wednesday 22 September 2010

Toronto Mayoral Race: Joe Pantalone's Environmental Platform

Joe Pantalone’s Plan for Greener Prosperity «
Climate change and environmental instability pose a profound challenge to our economy – but the choice to take action now also presents great opportunities for economic and social renewal.

Toronto is already a global green leader. The TSX lists more ‘green tech’ companies than any other stock exchange. Toronto’s $25 billion ten-year capital plan is rebuilding infrastructure for tomorrow, while supporting 300,000 jobs. Joe Pantalone has supported such growth for 30 years.

In the future, competing globally will rely on cooperating locally, with regional industry and with our ecosystem. We must prioritize attracting new 21st Century industry, and creating good green jobs.
Rolling out the green carpet

Government doesn’t create jobs on its own, but, by setting standards, can create a context which attracts business and makes investment opportunities. Joe Pantalone will be Toronto’s green jobs champion, offering fertile ground for new green industries like those already stimulated by the green roofs bylaw, Tower Renewal, and Transit City’s made-in-Canada streetcars.

Read the above link for the details of the platform.

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