Thursday, 30 September 2010

Toronto Mayoral Race: Smitherman's albatross - the eHealth Scandal

George Smitherman Avoids Further Backlash for eHealth Scandal by Running for Toronto Mayor | Political News and blogs on Stephen Harper, Canadian Politics and Voting on Informed Vote |
The eHealth Scandal ended up costing the Ontario taxpayers about $1 billion. George Smitherman, who was the Health Minister at the time, did nothing to put matters right, and refuses to take responsibility for this. Do we really want someone so irresponsible as mayor of Toronto? I won't be voting for Smitherman on election day.

Little to show
Mr. Smitherman was health minister when the government first tried to
digitize provincial health records with an organization called Smart
Systems for Health. After the agency failed to get the job done, it was
folded into eHealth. That organization was ultimately accused of
spending $1 billion with little to show for it.

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