Friday 10 September 2010

Joe Pantalone for Toronto Mayor - Links

Here are a number of links for info on Joe Pantalone for Toronto Mayor.
I'll update this post with more links as I get them.

Joe's own site

Joe's Twitter Feed

All the posts on Driving The Porcelain Bus (this) blog

Olivia Chow Endorses Joe Pantalone for Leader of a More Inclusive Toronto

NOW magazine: Pantalone's Big Push

Toronto Star: Pantalone the 'one choice' for mayor, Layton says

Joe Pantalone Welcomes a Landmark Endorsement from the Toronto & York Region Labour Council

CAW to support Joe Pantalone for Toronto Mayor

Here is a list of media endorsements from the last election. Joe was endorsed then by The Toronto Star, NOW and the Annex Guardian

Pantalone would scrap vehicle registration tax

Mike Layton and Joe Pantalone Announce Mutual Endorsement for Municipal Election

Facebook links

Town Crier: Voters want municipal experience at council's helm: Pantalone

Joe was a proponent to get Metrolinx to improve the rail/street structure at Strachan and Wellington

Joe, along with many others, supports changing the proposed rail link from downtown to the airport from diesel to electric. Diesel would introduce much pollution through the city. With an electric train, there would be no air pollution produced through the city from this.

Joe Condemns Provincial Government’s “2-Week Plan to Damage 300,000 People’s Lungs with $10 Million Trains”

Joe Pantalone would usher in online voting

Joe speaks at the Better Ballots forum
At the Better Ballots Forum on June 1, 2010, Joe voiced his support for lowering the voting age, opening voting to all permanent residents, and introducing online voting. Joe also spoke out against paring down the number of city councillors in Toronto.

Toronto Sun: Five questions with Joe Pantalone

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