Thursday 9 September 2010

I'll take a leader with good policies and ideas over a leader who will lead us over a cliff

LORINC: There goes the middle « Spacing Toronto
John Lorinc sums things up about this mayoral race in that we have a bunch of right-wing candidates, no one in the centre and Joe Pantalone on the left.

Most journalists and bloggers agree that Pantalone does not seem to be very aggressive. Meanwhile, Rob Ford comes across very aggressive. And people often equate aggressiveness with strength. So, many people think Rob Ford would be a good strong leader.

But, which would you prefer - a soft-spoken leader with good ideas and policies and a firm grasp of reality and Toronto municipal politics, or, a hot-headed aggressive leader with poor ideas and policies and an obvious lack of understanding of reality and Toronto municipal politics? Do you want a steady hand at the wheel, or, someone who will drive you off the road over a cliff?

Although Joe Pantalone is soft-spoken, his ideas and policies are realistic and financially responsible. He has the most experience in municipal politics in Toronto of all the candidates. The other candidates; Rob Ford and the Ford wanna-bes, keep coming up with unrealistic ideas that are financially not feasible at all. Some people say new ideas and policies take courage and guts and that's what they want. New ideas are great if they are realistically doable and financially feasible and they will benefit the people of Toronto. But many of the right-wing candidates' new ideas don't fit these criteria.

I'll be voting for the steady hand at the wheel, for someone who is realistic and responsible and who has ideas and policies that will benefit the people of Toronto: Joe Pantalone.

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