Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Toronto Mayoral Race: How Commuters Get Downtown

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Contrary to the belief of some mayoral candidates, most commuters travelling to downtown Toronto don't take cars to get there.

The fact is, however, that despite the presence of both the Gardiner
and the DVP feeding cars into the downtown core, only a minority of
people who work downtown drive there. The vast majority -- 71% -- of
people who travel into work downtown don't have to fight their way
through car traffic -- they take GO Trains, the TTC, or they walk or

Here's the breakdown for people commuting to Ward 28 (which includes most of the downtown business district) from outside the ward (all figures are from the Transportation Tomorrow Survey, 2006 (PDF)).

Local transit (TTC): 38%

GO Train: 26%

Walk/Cycle: 7%

Car driver/passenger: 28%

Other: 1%

The numbers are similar (more TTC, less GO Train) in Wards 27 and 20, which border the business district.

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