Tuesday 28 September 2010

Toronto Mayoral Race: Rob Ford Does Not Compute

Rob Ford Has Sort Of A Financial Plan, Kinda - Torontoist
Read the post for a detailed analysis.

And of course we're assuming that Ford wants to do absolutely
everything that the Board of Trade demands, which of course he doesn't;
his transit plan alone has the potential to completely break the bank,
even before we realize that he doesn't appear to be on board with the
Board (ahem) on certain types of spending cuts, because like most fiscal
conservatives, Ford doesn't have a problem with spending the city's
money on things of which he personally approves, like more cops or
subways or high school football.

In short, Rob Ford's entire plan comes down to how competent he
personally can be at the job of mayoring. His savings plan essentially
demands that he be absolutely perfect at it, because his revenue cuts
have left him precisely zero room for error or possibly even less, no
matter how many times he insists he's found $2.8 billion in spending
cuts (not even close). Now take a look at that YouTube again. Remember
that a major part of mayoring is public speaking. How confident are you
in Rob Ford's ability to be mayor right now?

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