Monday 13 September 2010

Rob Ford for Public Lynchings and More

Rob Ford and a decade of controversy - The Globe and Mail
The Globe supplies a list of actions and statements made by councillor Rob Ford over the years that should give you pause if you are thinking of voting for him for Mayor of Toronto.

Some of the highlights
- caught drunk driving
- believes same-sex marriages could dismantle a healthy democratic civilization
- offered to help someone score OxyContin off the street
- arrested for assaulting his wife
- believes that bicycles should not be allowed on streets with motor vehicles and that if cyclists get hurt while riding on a street, then it is their own fault.
- thinks that only people who do drugs with syringes, and gay people can get AIDS
- got drunk and belligerent at a Maple Leafs game and shouted insults at a couple (after the couple asked him to be quiet). Had to be removed by security guards
- during a council meeting, he called another councillor "a joke, She's a waste of time. A waste of skin."
- he's against affordable housing and homeless shelters
- supports public lynchings

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