Thursday 30 September 2010

Toronto Mayoral Race: Ford and Smitherman promise to cut services

CBC News - Toronto - Toronto job cuts would hurt service: union chief
Both Rob Ford and George Smitherman have promised to reduce the amount of service employees over time. In an ever-growing city, this means that the amount and quality of services will be reduced. This can also mean facility closures (due to lack of staff).

The only mayoral candidate who won't be cutting services, and isn't making any unrealistic expenditure promises either, is Joe Pantalone.

Note from Joe's campaign:
This week Smitherman and Ford both released their financial platforms. They were remarkable in their similarity. Smitherman tries to call himself the anti-Ford - but his 1300 staff cuts in the first year would only be 200 less than Ford's 1500. Both plans jeopardize front line services, and neither add up.

Both Ford and Smitherman have talked about the privatization of our garbage system and Smitherman has even suggested selling off our TTC bus routes (in an echo of the London, England transit fiasco). Both candidates have also spoken about bringing the environmentally irresponsible practice of garbage incineration back to our city.

It's clearer than ever that there is only one candidate in this race who wants to build up the city, rather than demolish what we've achieved.

Vote for Joe Pantalone for mayor.

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