Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Conservatives and Liberals love taking our money and giving it to corporations. The NDP will stop this and invest this money back into Canada.

Buckdog: Here's 5 Questions That Harper - Flaherty And The Conservatives WILL NOT Answer About Corporate Tax Cuts!

In their own words: Liberals on corporate tax cuts

Both the Conservatives and the Liberals support corporate tax cuts. History and studies have shown that these cuts don't create jobs and they don't create more investment in Canada. The corporations just line their pockets with the extra money and, if they do invest, it is into things outside of Canada. And often they close up their plants and move them to another country with cheaper labour (thus, reducing jobs in Canada!)

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The NDP is the only party proposing to roll back the corporate tax rates to still very competitive rates, and to use the money for Canada and Canadians.

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