Tuesday 26 April 2011

Toronto Star makes things up and plays the FEAR card to try to bring voters back to the Liberals

Tim Harper: Majority so tantalizingly close for Harper - thestar.com
Incorrect Tim.
Actually, if you look at all the polls (except for the Ipsos-Reid polls), they all show the Conservatives in the lead, but only in minority territory. And, the latest EKOS poll (random landline/cell phone poll of over 3,000 adults across Canada - which gives it a very high accuracy rate) shows the Conservatives slowly losing support, while the NDP, in second place, quickly catching up to them.

What is usually a sure-fire way to get soft Liberal-NDP swing voters to line up behind the Liberals is to scare them with a possibility of a Conservative majority. This has worked in the past. But now, with the NDP well ahead of the Liberals in most areas across the country, this tactic is not working. And, it doesn't make sense either. The logic would be that to stop the leading party, you would want to shore up support for the party with the next highest support. Well, today, that is the NDP. Logic would now show that a vote for the Liberals would split the vote and let the Conservatives in.

Even their readers, in the poll at the side of the story, don't believe them. The question: Do you think the Conservative Party is on the road to a majority government? Out of 63,999 votes, 58% said No, and only 31% said yes.

If you are scared of a Harper majority, the only party in position to stop it is the NDP. The NDP continue to gain in the polls and are now only 6 points away from the Conservatives. The trend shows that the NDP continues to gain support every day. If those on the wall throw their support behind the Liberals now, it will split the vote and may give the Conservatives a majority.

So, put away your fear and vote this time for a party that actually shares your values and beliefs. Throw your support behind the NDP now and we may just get an NDP government, a government that actually cares about what you care about.

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