Monday 18 April 2011

NDP now in second place tied with the Liberals

NDP moves into tie with Liberals: Poll -
An Angus Reid poll of 2,032 Canadian adults, April 15-16, 2011, shows that the NDP continue to rise and are now at 25% of national support.

The Toronto Star tries to undermine this result (see: Toronto Star's Coverage of NDP Surge is a Joke ... Almost Literally), but the facts are there. People are sick of the Conservatives and the Liberals and are flocking to support the NDP, the only federal party who has been fighting for Canadians (and not against them) all along.

The poll results:

Conservatives: 36%
NDP: 25%
Liberals: 25%
Bloc: 9%
Green: 5%

Another poll result, by Leger, puts the NDP at 22%, a 4 point surge from their previous poll:
Tories hold lead while NDP surges
This poll was done by Leger with 3,534 Canadians from April 15-17, also after the leaders' debates.
Poll results:
Conservatives: 38%
Liberals: 26%
NDP: 22%
Green: 5%

In Quebec:
Bloc: 34%
NDP: 24% (above the Liberals and Conservatives now)

In the Nanos poll, which has a much smaller sample, thus a much higher margin of error, the results are:
Conservatives: 38.8%
Liberals: 28.8%
NDP: 19.2%
Block: 8.5%
Green: 3.4%
What is interesting in the daily Nanos tracking poll is that in the past week, the NDP has steadily risen, while all the other parties have lost a bit each.

Accidental Deliberations: Momentum Building
"Of course, all of the pollsters are quick to pair the NDP's gains with a declaration that they might not last until election day. But however tempted some respondents might be to shift their votes, they'll have absolutely no reason to do so when there's no meaningful advantage to doing so - which means that the NDP's effective parity with the Libs (paired with greater popularity on issues and in leadership) may offer exactly the right set of conditions for lasting change for the better. "


Unknown said...

I can't find any Peterborough, ON polls as of today (April 25th). Do you know where the NDP percentage and Liberal percentage of support is in Peterborough, ON as of April 25th?
Do you know if any polls have been done in Peterborough, ON? It could really determine the vote here.
Thank You.

Thor said...

Vote for the party who most shares your values and beliefs. If NDP is that party, then vote for them.

Traditionally, Peterborough has been mainly Con/Lib with small support for NDP. But, things are changing, so I would recommend voting FOR a party you believe in.