Friday, 15 April 2011

NDP support for cities

The NDP care about urban voters.

See sections 2.6 - Investing in Critical Infrastructure, and 4.4 - Strengthening Public Transit for Liveable Cities
in the NDP Platform.

From 2.6:
"- Funding urban public transit with an additional cent of the existing gas tax.
- Significant new funding for affordable and social housing
- Made-in-Canada federal procurement policy for investments in public transit, infrastructure and other key investments
- Continuing current federal infrastructure funding commitments, like those under the Building Canada Fund."

From 4.4:
"- We will enact a National Public Transit Strategy in order to maintain and expand public transit across the country, with a clear mechanism for sustainable, predictable and long-term funding
- We will immediately allocate another cent of the existing gas tax to public transit funding for municipalities
- We will encourage transit use by providing tax exemption for employee workplace-based transit passes."

Layton Pledges Support to Cities

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