Tuesday 12 April 2011

The NDP Platform

NDP Platform: Practical First Steps
Also check out the download links for the full platform and the costing document

I especially like the Fix Ottawa section:
Setting the Tone in Ottawa
Restricting the Prime Minister's Power to Avoid Parliament
Making your Vote Count ("We will propose electoral reform to ensure Parliament reflects the political preferences of Canadians. To this end we will propose a new, more democratic voting system that preserves the connection between MPs and their constituents, while ensuring parties are represented in Parliament in better proportion to how Canadians voted. Your vote will always count")
Building a New Relationship with Civil Society
Balancing the Federal Budget

Download the NDP platform and costing documents for more details.

1 comment:

susansmith said...


I posted at Sister's Sage's blog after you posted. This is what I said:

I guess ck you don’t understand parliamentary procedure. Governance of parliamentary order ensures democracy and prevents the tyranny of the majority and is why all legislative bodies attempt to follow proper procedure. Although there was a “main motion”, the vote would have been on a “point of order” (is this new or old business), considered a incidental motion, which always takes precedence over the main motion in parliamentary procedure.

Too bad the Liberals didn’t bother to put the main motion forward 48 hours ahead of time, and it would have been a go. Thus the transgression could be attributed to Liberals on this committee who missed the boat in getting their main motion to this committee 48hours ahead of time.

Next time, I’m sure they won’t make that mistake again!

And yes, I have taken a expensive parliamentary & governance course as I am a public school trustee.