Thursday, 21 April 2011

NDP Lead in Quebec

NDP surges to top spot in Quebec,Bloc Québécois campaign flagging | iPolitics
Montreal Gazette: NDP surge to the lead in Quebec: poll
Jack Layton's New Democratic Party has surged past Gilles Duceppe's faltering Bloc Quebecois and is now in first place in Quebec, according to an Ekos public opinion poll released exclusively to iPolitics. Layton (R) laughs with 13-month old Christian and his parents Barbara Odenwald and Pierre Ducasse at a campaign stop in Gatineau, Quebec, April 3, 2011.
The latest polls in Quebec by CROP and EKOS both put the NDP in the lead now over all the other parties. If this carries over to election day, it will be an historic moment for Quebec, the NDP and politics in Canada.

NDP: 31%
Bloc: 23.7%
LPC: 20.6%
CPC: 16.9%

NDP: 36%
Bloc: 31%
CPC: 17%
LPC: 13%

Such momentum can only help to push the NDP higher in the polls across the rest of Canada. At the rate they are rising, we may even see a minority NDP government with a Conservative opposition.

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