Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Maria Augimeri vs Ford Nation

Ford team eager to go up against Augimeri - thestar.com

Last Thursday, an Ontario Superior Court judge ordered a by-election,
saying “irregularities” in the voter list invalidate the results of the
Oct. 25 civic election. Ford-endorsed Cusimano lost by 89 votes to Augimeri, who has been a North York, Metro and then Toronto councillor since 1985.

City lawyer Susan Ungar said the city will probably appeal the
decision. In the meantime, Augimeri continues to represent the
Downsview-area ward.

Mayor Rob Ford’s team, drooling at the prospect of another council ally
to help push his conservative agenda, is poised to unleash “Ford Nation”
on Councillor Maria Augimeri in a court-ordered by-election.

If another vote proceeds, Augimeri said, she will also campaign on Ford’s record, saying his transit plan that shelves the Finch light-rail transit line, the TTC’s reduction of Downsview 101 bus service and other measures prove he’s “anti-Downsview.”

“I’m voting (at council) for my community, an independent voice. The mayor wants a mannequin, a soulless puppet, who will jump when he says jump . . . I beat them before and I’ll beat them again.”

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kat said...

Unbelievable that Cusimano thinks he can lawsuit his way into a council seat. If this happens, every other councillor better watch their backs. All it will take is some guy with a legal team and deep pockets to create such a nuisance that election results are voided and they get another kick at the can.

Diane Alexopoulos lost to Case Ootes in Ward 29 in 2006 and you didn't see her running around filing law suits.