Friday, 1 April 2011

Proportional political financing in Canada and why it is so important

Jim Harris proportional political financing on Vimeo
Stephen Harper still wants to get rid of proportional political financing and go back to the old way of enabling elections to be bought (like in the USA). Remember when he did this just after the last election and the 3 opposition parties decided they would form a coalition and defeat the Conservatives over this, and then Harper prorogued Parliament for his first time? Jim Harris explains in this video why Harper wants to cancel this financing and why it should not be cancelled.


Anonymous said...

Harper is throwing this up as a smoke screen. If people are talking about this pointless topic during an election he thinks nobody is going to find out about all the scandals and contempt.
Good lick with that because the Harper express train wreck is coming his way.

Anonymous said...

you do realize that the funding scheme that Harper wants to get rid of is less then 10 years old don't you.

Thor said...

Of course it is new. And it is much better than what we had. The next step is to NOT get rid of it, but keep it, and also have proportional representation too.