Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Jack Layton shines in English Debate
In an Ipsos-Reid survey of 2,615 English speaking Canadian adults who watched the debate, 42% thought Harper won, 25% thought Layton won, 23% thought Ignatieff won and only 2% thought Duceppe won.
Another finding was that of the 4 leaders, peoples impressions of Jack Layton improved the most

Layton appeared to make the biggest gains in the debate, exceeding the
expectations of many Canadians. Prior to the debate, only 12 per cent of
people thought he would win. A majority of viewers, 55 per cent, said
their impressions of him improved, while only 14 per cent said their
impressions worsened.

Accidental Deliberations: Canada 2011 - English Debate Wrapup
...only Layton looks to have emerged having accomplished what he needed to -
both in terms of suggesting something positive to go with challenges to
the Harper Cons' style of governance, and more importantly in terms of
having baited Stephen Harper into some key mistakes which will help to
feed the rest of the campaign.
... Layton managed to use his time in the health care debate to set out
strong distinctions between the NDP and the other national parties -
both in its commitment to keeping funding going in the long run, and in
its plan to make improvements before the 2014 round of negotiations with
the provinces.

Perhaps more surprisingly, though, Layton also
got Harper to show a few more cards than he probably wanted to. Rather
than shying away from the issue of privatization, Layton challenged
Harper directly. And Harper allowed that he sees no problem whatsoever
with "alternative delivery mechanisms" - leaving himself vulnerable on
the question of what changes he's prepared to endorse while funding the
provinces, and how those figure to alter a system that serves as a point
of pride for Canadians.

Jack Layton shows real Canadian Leadership in English language debate

Stevie looked like he was on drugs, Duceppe won for facial expressions, Iggy didn't land that curcial punch, Layton won.
Loved how Layton jabbed Steve with the crooks all sitting in senate
Sure Jack at the last few seconds of that segment had him [Ignatieff] on the ropes about absenteism
Layton did very well and was the winner of the evening.    He was calm, scored some jabs and was consistent.

The Debate: Canadian Values Win
The other issues I particularly noticed were the ones that were only
raised by Jack Layton, electoral reform, particularly proportional
representation and aboriginal issues.

Jack also gets some points for language, being the only leader to use the term ""hashtag" in the debate and "commentariat" during the post debate scrum.

Federal Electoral Debate 2011: The Blather where We All Come To Gather
Layton was very good, probably the best he's ever been (and Layton's a
strong debater). His sections on immigration were excellent. His "you're
all the same" attack lines on Ignatieff/Harper were less so, but the
NDP candidate has to do that. Overall Layton came across as extremely
policy-oriented, which isn't his usual strength—he's an attack dog first
and always has been.

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Unknown said...

The thing I noticed about Jack, and I noticed it in the NDP ads also, is that he seems so unnatural when he is scripted. There was a huge contrast between his scripted 45 second final remarks and the rest of the debate where he seemed so natural and engaged.