Thursday 7 April 2011

Questions about Bruce Carson raise questions about Stephen Harper

Questions for Stephen Harper on Bruce Carson: the Thursday edition
Stephen Harper is being found to be one of the most dishonest and corrupt prime ministers in the history of Canada.
The Bruce Carson case just raises more red flags about Harper's leadership.

The above link, and those below get to some of the details that have come out so far:

Toronto Star: Carson was 'Harper's guy' on Afghan file

Impolitical: Carson allegations widen

Impolitical: Guess who is making news again today
Several sources who have been interviewed for security clearances, both for themselves and others, noted this week that CSIS agents had pressed about such issues, and asked if there was anything in the subject’s past that might make them vulnerable to blackmail. Neither Mr. Carson nor his lawyer could be reached for comment.
"Vulnerable to blackmail." This is why these security clearances exist for those working at the highest levels of government.
The memo, sent to Harper in 2008 from the then head of the Privy Council Office, Kevin Lynch, includes an attached document dated January 2006 listing the official procedures for conducting “background checks,” and what to do if the findings of those investigations cause concerns.

“When problematic issues are identified, the national security adviser to the prime minister will personally convey the results of the checks to the prime minister or to the chief of staff to the prime minister," the attached document said.
The PCO official said yesterday that the outlined procedure did not apply to Carson's clearance. Why wouldn't it?

Irrespective of who cleared Carson, it's just not credible that a senior adviser to a Prime Minister has all this trash in his background and during his employment in the PMO and no one knows the whole story or red flags any of it. We should be concerned about the company that is being kept in the PMO. Kind of important.

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Anonymous said...

The Toronto Star is reporting that "Carson was ‘Harper’s guy’ on Afghan file"

I'd like to know more about Carson's involvement with Afghan officials. It is common knowledge that Afghan government is riddled with corruption. If someone like Carson, who has demonstrated that he can cross ethical boundaries, was in contact with Afghan corruption, was he ever tempted by offers that might be "inappropriate"?

Legitimate questions. This is why we vet people who are in our government.