Monday, 25 April 2011

NDP vaults into 2nd place and closes in on the Conservatives

NDP leapfrogs Liberals to land in second spot in ‘astonishing’ twist | iPolitics
Support for the NDP continues to rise across the country, putting them in 2nd place with 28%, compared to the Liberals with 23.7% and the Conservatives 33.7% support. The seat projection from this would be 100 seats for the NDP. And, with a steady rising trend, it is possible we could see an NDP minority government, with the Liberals holding the balance of power.

The EKOS poll surveyed 3,004 adult Canadians, including 2,783 decided
voters, between April 22 and April 24, 2011. Results are considered
accurate within plus or minus 1.8 percentage points, 19 times out of 20. For a full report on the EKOS survey, including the poll questions, click here. The EKOS poll was a dual landline/cell phone survey from random sample.

The NDP, in EKOS polls, have risen from a low of 14% support since the election was called, to 28% - a rise of 14%. All the other parties have lost support, some more than others, but especially the Liberals and Bloc.

"The NDP rise is not a blip, but rather a steady progression throughout
the campaign that exploded last week and is now rocking most parts of
the country. And because the NDP leads as the second-choice pick for
voters, Graves said the growth potential may not be fully exhausted yet." - EKOS pollster Frank Graves.

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