Thursday 28 April 2011

No Surprises Here: The Globe Endorses Harper

Politics and its Discontents: No Surprises Here: The Globe Endorses Harper
Nope. No surprise here at all. Hats off to Politics and its Discontents:

As if to once more remind people of how hollow its claim to being
Canada's national newspaper is, the Globe and Mail has offered an
endorsement of Stephen Harper. Its reasons for recommending that the
electorate (or at least that portion lacking critical thinking skills)
give yet another mandate to Harper and his regime would be laughable
were the stakes not so high, and once more amply demonstrate the
journal's increasing irrelevance to the Canadian political discussion.

I am reproducing a small portion of its rallying cry for the Conservatives to illustrate. The bolded portions are my own:

Only Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party have shown the
leadership, the bullheadedness (let's call it what it is) and the
discipline this country needs. He has built the Conservatives into
arguably the only truly national party, and during his five years in office has demonstrated strength of character, resolve and a desire to reform.
Canadians take Mr. Harper's successful stewardship of the economy for
granted, which is high praise. He has not been the scary character
portrayed by the opposition; with some exceptions, his government has
been moderate and pragmatic.

It is because of this kind of fatuous thinking that I have not spent a day regretting my decision late last year to cancel my subscription to the once venerable paper.

Peace, Order and Good Government, eh?: When mediocre editorial boards go bad
The people who run the Globe have lost touch with reality.

Far and Wide: Shame on the Globe and Mail
The Globe and Mail has endorsed the politics of fear, the notion of unaccountable democracy, the idea that a budget is fiction, the precedent that one can lie about military expenditures with no recourse, THIS IS WHAT an ENDORSEMENT means.

Polygonic: Oops they did it again
No intelligent being (and I include dolphins, puppies and bonobo chimps) can honestly consider Stephen Harper a sober steward of the Canadian economy. The historic deficit proves it wrong, and the simultaneous drunken sailor spending, with its “state secret” price tags to-boot, only underline it.

A Creative Revolution: Predictions were right
It wasn't rocket science to know that Corporate media are going to endorse the most corporate owned party.
No matter how many laws they break, how out of touch they are with Canadians, or how absolutely wrong it is for any media to take sides. They did it again.

Orwell's Bastard: "Find new ways to protect Parliament?" WTF?

Indeed. The Grope & Fail, claiming that the Conservatives are the best to protect Parliament is just insanely absurd. The Conservatives are the ones who have done more harm to tear down and undermine a democratic parliament than any other governing party in my lifetime. The Grope & Fail's reasoning for their endorsement of the Conservatives is a joke.

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